Wood Fires and Chimneys

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One of the things I love the most about winter in the Perth Hills is wood heaters and open wood fires. One of the things I like least about winter in Perth is blocked, clogged, or broken flues and wood heaters. We like to use chimney sweep perth services to make sure our wood heater is working as it should when we need…

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Around the web

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There are a lot of great blogs and vlogs around the place these days. This guy is awesome. and So is this guy. It really just depends what your interests are, and how much time you have for reading. But, you will find a lot of great content these days.

Home Gym

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Something else I have been trying to get going in a big way lately has been my fitness. Specifically I have been working out in my own home gym. I found an awesome home gym supplier in Sydney Sam’s Fitness, and bought a powertec home gym through those guys. Which has been awesome. I love lifting weights, whether it is dumb bells,…

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Window Cleaning

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So, we are getting another property ready to list or get a new round of tenants. And, we needed to find a good window cleaner in Adelaide. I had a good look at residential window cleaners and office window cleaning, and went with Classy Glass window cleaning in Adelaide. Have to say for domestic window cleaning, and rental property window cleaning, these…

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We are starting a HUGE renovation project… not just working on the apartment but also ourselves… everything is getting a makeover.

I will be posting pictures, blogging about our progress, and letting you know which companies we use and why. For example we have been working with aaa mr rubbish removal sydney ALOT so far!

Talk soon.

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